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Water pours out of Lake Oroville in Northern California in March. Reservoirs levels plummeted over the last three years, but now have more water than they can hold.
Ken James
California Department of Water Resources
California has been deluged by storms this winter, but fixing the state's severe drought will take more than rain. The state had deeper problems in how it uses water.
Allensworth flooding (wide).JPEG
Dezaraye Bagalayos
Allensworth Progressive Association
Some Allensworth residents are choosing to stay and protect property despite an evacuation order due to threats of flooding.
Young giant sequoia trees are seen during a prescribed pile burning on Feb. 19 in Sequoia National Forest. Researchers say 20% of Sierra Nevada conifers are a mismatch with their climate.
One in five Sierra Nevada conifers are no longer compatible with the environmental conditions around them, raising questions about how to manage the land. Researchers say it may get worse.