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Esther Quintanilla
Rural communities across the San Joaquin Valley have suffered extreme flooding since the start of the year. Recovery will be an arduous process, especially for undocumented residents who are rarely eligible for federal aid.
Chris Gray
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
California has one of the most complex water systems in the world. And so, the factors giving rise to our region’s floods are more complicated than the simple cascading of rain and snowmelt downhill during a rainier-than-average wet season. This article highlights the rivers that run through the San Joaquin Valley and form Tulare Lake, and explores water storage and flood prevention infrastructure like dams and levees.
Map of the Kings, Kaweah, Tule, and Kern Rivers that flow into the Tulare Lake basin of the southern San Joaquin Valley in central California.
“It’s like that old saying, ‘Be careful what you wish for.’ We got more than what we need now.”