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Community Calendar Event Submission

Fill in the form below to provide details for the event. Fields marked with an asterisk(*) are required.
Venue Information
General Information
You can select up to 3 categories.
Ticketing Information
Presenting Organization
Artist Information
Your Information
We ask for this information so that we can contact you with questions about the event, if necessary. We will not display any of your information on our site.

All events are posted at the discretion of KVPR pending review by station staff. The following events are prohibited:
• Sports events
• Political party, campaign or candidate events/rallies (debates and candidate forums are allowed)
• Outside fundraising (vehicle donation messages for other groups, capital campaigns, etc.)
• Events/activities that are not local to the KVPR service area
• Class reunions
• For-profit business seminars (how to get rich in real estate)
• For-profit business sales pitches, promotional announcements (Labor Day Sale at Sam’s Furniture)
• Yard sales
• Classes
• School events
• Events with limited or no info for follow-up
• Events for other radio stations
• Events/activities that may be considered offensive
• Religious services – (not including festivals open to the public)
• Industry specific events (example: a seminar for construction industry professionals)