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Special Projects List

Special projects include equipment & software purchases that the station would like to acquire this year, and have not been included in the operating budget. The operating budget for equipment is minimal and usually is saved for smaller expenses and emergencies. Special projects are funded by members, foundations, and on occasion, community partners. If you are interested in helping support the following purchases, please contact Joe Garcia at 559-862-2472 or via email at


Thank you for considering these items on Valley Public Radio’s Wish List. Partial or entire funding for an item is acceptable. Every gift is appreciated!

Back-up Generator: $40,000  (or 8 donors for $5000 each) For the Temperance & Alluvial Avenue facility.

Education/Conference Suite Media System: $13,000 This will provide audio and media for the Education/Conference Suite which will better serve community groups.

Microphones (2): $8,000 ($4000/ea)  Industry standard microphones (used exclusively by NPR studios).

Monthly Mortgage: $1.6M For every $100,000, the monthly stroke is reduced by $500. Each gift helps reduce the mortgage.