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Special Projects List

KVPR Microphone

Every year, special needs arise for equipment, software and capital projects that aren't built into KVPR's annual operating budget. Donors who contribute to funding these "Special Projects" help to invest in the future of public radio and ensure a long-term impact for their contribution. The following are current needs identified by station management for 2024:

Mortgage Principal:
The outstanding principal balance for KVPR's Broadcast Center mortgage is $759,000. For every $100,000 that is paid off, KVPR's monthly mortgage payment is reduced by $500.

Audio processor for web stream: $6,600
A new dedicated Orban Optimod 5750 audio processor for KVPR's main web stream. Will improve audio quality for online listeners.

For information about how you can help with these special projects, please contact Joe Moore at 559-862-2481 or jmoore@kvpr.org