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Media Partnership Program

Every year KVPR partners with organizations and individuals who are producing events or activities in Central California that are aligned with KVPR’s mission and are of interest to KVPR audiences. KVPR does not provide cash sponsorships, but the station is able to provide a limited number of Media Partnerships in exchange for certain benefits and public recognition of KVPR. These partnerships are an important way for the station to continue to grow its audience and brand awareness, as well as build connections in the communities we serve.

A KVPR Media Partnership may include on-air messages on KVPR, digital ads on KVPR.org, the KVPR email newsletter, etc. In return, our Media Partners will recognize the station through displaying the KVPR logo at the event or in event materials and/or provide KVPR a physical presence at the event, or appearances by KVPR talent at the event, etc.

Application Process
Organizations interested in a potential KVPR Media Partnership are invited to complete and submit the online Media Partnership Application form which is available here.Applications should be submitted at least 90 days before the event. If an event has been approved for a KVPR Media Partnership, the designated contact person will be notified and asked to sign a written agreement confirming the terms of the KVPR Media Partnership within three to four weeks of the event. Approved events will also be asked to submit the Post‐Event Report. If an event has been declined for a KVPR sponsorship, the designated contact person will be notified by email or phone.

Criteria for Approval

In deciding whether to approve an application for a Media Partnership, the following are some of the criteria that are considered:

• How does the event promote KVPR?

• Will the event reach any of KVPR’s target audiences?

• Does the event promote cross‐cultural awareness?

• What other organizations are involved?

• Does KVPR have the resources (money, equipment, time, staffing) to participate as a partner?

• Is the applicant a non‐profit organization? (Considered, but not required)

• Does the KVPR schedule allow participation in the event?

Partnership Guidelines

  • On-air messages will be scheduled in advance, with a full run of schedule.
  • On-air messages will be 15 seconds in length, including the preamble “Support for KVPR comes from…”
  • On-air scripts must comply with all FCC regulations for non-commercial underwriting messages.
  • All on-air messages will use the same script.
  • KVPR has final approval of all on-air messages and digital ads.
  • Flights typically range between 20 to 40 messages, with a full run of schedule.  
  • In the event of an interruption in scheduled message due to a programming change, a make good will be performed.
  • Advocacy/fundraising events are not eligible for KVPR Media Partnership.
  • Secondary credits are not allowed (i.e. other event sponsors). Only the name of the host organization will be featured in the message (exception for venue names like Save Mart Center).
  • For information about paid KVPR sponsorship opportunities, please contact Patty Ramirez pramirez@kvpr.org.
  • For information on how to seek editorial coverage of your event, email the News Department at news@kvpr.org.
  • Current or previous media partnership or underwriting agreements, program appearances or interviews and/or submission of an application do not guarantee a KVPR Media Partnership, nor does a KVPR Media Partnership include programming appearances, interviews, special announcements or on-air ticket giveaways.

The KVPR Media Partnership online application form is available here.

Inquiries about the Media Partnership program are available by contacting Kristina Richardson at krichardson@kvpr.org or by calling 559-862-2703.