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With a name that nods to the First Amendment, 1A is a daily show that encourages listeners to “speak freely” and stay connected – in an increasingly disconnected world. 1A provides a platform for Americans of all stripes to come to the table, talk, and – most importantly – be listened to, not just heard. Since launching in 2017, 1A has become a trusted source for public dialogue by more than 4 million listeners across over 375 NPR member stations nationally.

About Jenn White:

White has worked in public radio since 1999. She joins WAMU 88.5’s 1A from Chicago’s WBEZ where, since 2016 she has held several on-air positions as host of the station’s local two-hour midday show, Reset with Jenn White; and before that as host of The Morning Shift. She is also a familiar voice on several WBEZ podcasts, including Making OprahMaking Obama and 16 Shots, which chronicled the fatal police shooting of Laquan McDonald and the trial of Chicago Police Officer Jason Van Dyke. Before WBEZ, White was local host of All Things Considered at NPR member station Michigan Radio in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Talk to 1A

Listeners can talk to 1A by downloading the 1A Vox Pop app, by texting 1A to 1-844-777-7050 or by emailing 1A@wamu.org. They can leave voicemails at 855-236-1212.

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