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Endowment funds help support the future of KVPR.
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Endowment gifts are a way to having a lasting legacy with your support of KVPR. Endowment funds are invested and the earnings help support station projects and general operation. The funds are managed by a professional financial advisor appointed by the station's Board of Directors, and are guided by the station's Endowment Policy and the Investment Policy Statement. The station has endowment funds for the following projects and areas of interest:

  • General Endowment for overhead and station operations 
  • Edward C. Palacios Fund for program development
  • Gilbert Rodriguez Music Library Endowment Fund
  • Capital Projects (including the purchase of equipment)
  • Entrepreneurial Opportunities to help fund special projects and joint ventures
  • Dr. Enok Lohne Fund for Scholarships, helping to fund student and intern opportunities at the station.
  • The Dr. Troy H. Smith Endowment for general operations

To learn more about making an endowment gift to sustain the future of KVPR, contact our Development Director Joe Garcia at 559-862-2472 or jgarcia@kvpr.org