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Dia de Muertos - Arte Americas - 9-29-22.jpg
Soreath Hok/KVPR
The Latino cultural arts exhibit will receive $7 million in state funding, $400,000 in city ARPA funding and could access more with Measure P.
 The Sierra Nevada with only small patches of snow near the Phillips Station meadow.
Ken James
California Department of Water Resources
After its driest three-year stretch on record, California braces for another year with below-average snow and rain. Conditions are shaping up to be a “recipe for drought.”
A new series by KVPR reporter Kerry Klein investigates why rates of pregnancy-related deaths are so high in Kern County and explores what’s being done about them. It also probes the systems that allowed a doctor accused multiple times of gross negligence to remain in practice and highlights the stories of people trying to reform those systems.

Twenty years ago, California legislators passed a law to ban agricultural burning in the San Joaquin Valley to reduce pollution and improve public health. But the practice never ended. Now, air regulators are implementing a new plan to end most burning in the next few years. Will it work?

KVPR's investigation into the gap between student attendance data and actual student engagement, amid distance learning in the pandemic, won a 2022 National Edward R. Murrow Award.