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Central Valley ICU Nurses On The Toll Of Treating COVID-19 Patients

Laurin Paskin, Bridgette Wilson, Connie Green and Ashley Bowers
Clockwise from top left: Laurin Paskin, Bridgette Wilson, Connie Green and Ashley Bowers

Now that vaccines have become more widely available, it’s easy to forget that ICUs are still full of COVID-19 patients fighting for their lives alongside battle-weary nurses who have been deep in the trenches of this pandemic for nearly a year. To learn more about the toll it has taken, physically and mentally, Valley Edition Host Kathleen Schock spoke with four registered nurses who work in ICUs throughout the Valley: Ashley Bowers from Community Regional Medical Center in Fresno, Connie Green, with Kern Medical in Bakersfield, Bridgette Wilson with Kaiser Permanente Fresno and Laurin Paskin with Mercy Medical Center in Merced.

Kathleen Schock is the host of Valley Edition. In the show, Kathleen and the Valley Public Radio news team explore issues that matter to the residents of Central California through engaging conversations and in-depth reporting.
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