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Fresno Aims To Clean Up Blighted Homes, Residents Ask For Interior Inspections

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In many of Fresno’s older neighborhoods, blighted properties and boarded up homes are a big problem. FM89’s Joe Moore reports a proposed new law aims to crack down on those property owners.

Residents say abandoned, boarded up buildings drive down property values and often attract  illegal activity. That’s why the Fresno City Council is set to vote on a new ordinance tomorrow to crack down on vacant blighted buildings throughout the city.

Fresno Mayor Ashley Swearengin:

Swearengin: “What we’re recommending on Thursday is that we get much more aggressive in making sure the exterior standards on our vacant blighted buildings in Fresno be improved.”

But local affordable housing activists say that’s not enough. They want several changes to the draft ordinance including mandatory health and safety inspections before units can be rented out. Swearengin says she wants to tackle the exterior issue first.

Swearengin: “We’ve got to get these first 11 things done, assess their impact before we can smartly and wisely consider what needs to be done on these other two items, interior inspections and a mandatory property registry for example.”

Swearengin says the city has around 2,000 vacant, blighted residential properties.

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