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In The Studio: Mental Health Advocates On Knowing The Signs, Introducing Teens To Wellness Careers

Laura Tsutsui
Valley Public Radio
Moderator Kathleen Schock sat down with educator Abraham Perez and mental health advocate Christina Valdez-Roup to discuss how to talk about mental health with youth.

Last week we brought you a story about high schoolers in Merced asking for a mental health class, and getting one. This week, moderator Kathleen Schock digs deeper into youth and mental illness with Christina Valdez-Roup, executive director of the Fresno National Alliance on Mental Illness, and teacher Abraham Perez from Edison High School. Perez has spent the last two years teaching a mental health class as part of the school’s bio-med career technical education pathway.

Listen to the audio above to hear the panel discuss the impact of mental illness, some of the signs parents can look for, and how education and awareness can the reduce stigma of mental illness.

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