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When Will The Taps Run Dry? Groundwater Discussion On Valley Edition


Parts of Central California have been hit especially hard by the drought, and specifically the dropping water table beneath the ground. But as California farms and cities lean more and more on their aquifers, many are concerned that more and more wells will go dry.

This is not a new story. Huge portions of the San Joaquin Valley have actually dropped due to massive pumping of water from the ground dating back to the 1920’s. The question is – when will the taps run dry.

That’s the big concern of UC Irvine professor Jay Famiglietti and Bakersfield Californian Columnist Lois Henry. If Famiglietti name sounds familiar it’s because he’s about as close to a rock star as it gets in the world of California water. He’s been featured in the film Last Call at the Oasis, he’s got his own TEDx Talk online, and earlier this month he was the subject of a major piece on the CBS television program 60 Minutes, documenting the dramatic loss in groundwater both in California and in other hotspots around the globe. 

Listen to the segment for more with professor Jay Famiglietti and columnist Lois Henry. 

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