World AG Expo Brings Big Money To The Region

Feb 12, 2015

World Ag Expo 2015
Credit Ezra David Romero / Valley Public Radio

As the world’s largest agricultural trade show comes to an end today in Tulare County, FM89’s Ezra David Romero reports on how the farm show boosts the local economy.  

Tractors were on display at the Arena Equipment Showcase multiple times a day during the 2015 World Ag Expo.
Credit Ezra David Romero / Valley Public Radio

The World Ag Expo in Tulare isn’t only about the latest in farm technology. It’s also about bringing outside dollars into the Valley.

"The regional impact is that the hotels are full from Saturday to Saturday and there’s a tremendous amount of excitement and energy in the region," says Tricia Stever Blattler is the director of the Tulare County Farm Bureau.

"The airports are packed, the hotels are packed, and restaurants are packed.”

More than 100,000 people from around the globe attended the three day event and the World Ag Expo’s CEO Jerry Sinift says the predicted regional impact for this year’s event is between $800,000 and $1 million.

Sinift also says the expo does more than provide an increase in sales for local businesses; the farm show puts Tulare County on the map.