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Valley Edition: September 13 - Toxic Stress, Air Tankers, Mental Health, Mineral King

Sep 13, 2016

This week on Valley Edition we look how local residents growing up in neighborhoods filled with violence are dealing with "toxic stress" - a condition often compared to PTSD. We also learn how large wide-body air tankers are changing the fight against wildfires, and hear from Dr. Dana Suskind, who talks about the 30 million word gap and what it means for early childhood development. Later in the show we get a preview of the new season of the San Joaquin Valley Town Hall Lecture Series, which features Dr. Michio Kaku, Leon Panetta and Dave Barry. Plus, we hear how a pop star is working to raise awareness about mental health, and we debut our new podcast "Outdoorsy" with a trip to Mineral King in Sequoia National Park.