Reinventing Mariachi: Omar Nare On His Vision For A New Sound

Feb 13, 2018

Critics across the globe are starting to pay attention to the music of one young valley artist – Omar Nare. The Sanger native was recently profiled on Public Radio International and the New York Times for his fresh take on mariachi traditions. He’s taking traditional songs and re-inventing them with hints of jazz, soul and funk. It’s a cultural fusion which will be on display at Bitwise in downtown Fresno on Saturday. In an excerpt from a piece that originally aired on The GroundTruth Project, and later on PRI, Qainat Khan brings us a look into Nare's musical vision.

This is an excerpt from an episode of “The New American Songbook,” which is produced by Heidi Shin and Ian Coss, in partnership with The GroundTruth Project, WGBH, and MassHumanities. Listen to the full podcast here