Fresno Police Arrest Black Lives Matter Protest Organizer

Jul 14, 2016

Fresno Police have arrested the organizer of a Black Lives Matter protest that shut down a major street in Fresno and Clovis on Saturday. Authorities say 20 year-old Clovis resident Justice Medina was cited for blocking streets without a permit. Police say Medina directed several hundred marchers to block traffic on Shaw Avenue. The protest began at Blackstone and Shaw in Fresno and continued east into Clovis. 

After reviewing traffic camera footage of the march, police obtained a warrant for Medina's arrest. He was cited on Wednesday night, in lieu of a $20,000 bond while leaving another protest taking place outside the Fresno County Jail.  

Earlier this week Medina spoke with Valley Public Radio's Jeffrey Hess about the aims of the protest and what's next for the local Black Lives Matter movement.