Central Valley Students Tell Stories Of Intersectional Feminism In 'Calafia' Magazine

Oct 25, 2019

Next week, the Youth Leadership Institute’s policy journal, Calafia, hits the newsstands. Youth Leadership Institute is an organization with offices across the state where staff work to empower youth and help them shape policy and create media. The annual journal is produced by fellows, one from each office. This year’s journal takes the shape of a magazine about intersectional feminism with pieces written, photographed and designed by the young women on the editorial board.


Listen to the interview above to hear from two of the board’s members, 17-year-old Racel Livinal of Merced and 18-year-old Maria Torres from Fresno, along with editor Michael Lozano.

This interview includes an excerpt from Livinal's audio story, "Rural Youth Fashions Identity to an Evolving Modeling Industry."