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Kristina Herrick

Classical Music Host

Kristina Herrick was an on-air host for FM89's Clearly Classical and the Traffic and Music Manager for the station. She retired in 2015. An expert in early music of the pre-Barqoue era, Kristina was also the host of the award winning program In the Mode. She is a talented musician who plays the gamba and is a member of the board of directors of the Philip Lorenz Memorial Keyboard Concert Series. 

Kristina traces In the Mode’s roots to her early days of studying voice, when she discovered that her own was best suited to this type of music. “I wanted to expose listeners to the new recordings of early music that are available,” she said. It’s not necessarily for those schooled in music, she noted. “There has been a lot of research done, using literature and paintings, to figure out what the pieces would have sounded like in their own time. It’s a lot of fun—and a lot of listening—putting the music into a coherent show with a focus.” It’s obvious that she enjoys it, and the accolades from listeners prove that they love it too.