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Mayor Moving Fulton Mall Bid To Council Despite Being $2-Million Over Target


Fresno leaders are moving forward on plans to award a construction contract for the reconstruction of the Fulton Mall even though is best bid is still more than 2-million dollars over budget.

City staff want the council to select a bid from American Paving for the project despite the fact the company overshot the projects's $20-million target.

Mayor Ashley Swearengin said they are taking the bid to the council anyway and will continue to work to reduce the cost.

“The bid package included a number of items, about 121-122 items, plus some additional features that we asked the private sector to bid on. Staff is recommending that we go with the base project which helps lower the price a bit,” Swearengin said.

That process has already started, as the bid has come down roughly 600-thousand dollars from the original proposal. The plan to bring vehicle traffic back to what used to be Fulton Street is a key part of Swearnegin's 2nd term agenda. 

The issue is expected to come before the council in early December.