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Residents At Fresno Apartment Remain Without Heat, Hot Water

Diana Aguilera
Valley Public Radio
Officials with the American Red Cross and the Fresno Housing Authority installed smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors at the apartment complex Tuesday.

Up to 1800 residents living in an apartment complex in Fresno have been without heat or hot water after several gas leaks were discovered. FM89’s Diana Aguilera reports how long these residents could be without basic necessities.

Tenants at the Summerset Village Apartments have been without natural gas for 12 days. They can’t cook, they don’t have hot water, and the heaters don’t work. The majority are Southeast Asian refugees with many elderly and young residents.

Up to this point, the property owner has not cooperated with city officials. City councilmember Clint Olivier says it’s going to take at least three to four weeks to fix the pipelines.

Olivier: “It’s going to be a major fix they did a gas test yesterday and the system is a catastrophic failure. So, we’re talking about replacing most of if not all the gas lines that serve this buildings so we got a lot of work to do out there.”

The Fresno Interdenominational Refugee Ministries is providing free dinners, and is helping residents with electrical heaters and blankets. 

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