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Bill McEwen Leaves Fresno Bee For GVWire.com

Longtime Fresno Bee journalist Bill McEwen is now the news director for GVWire.com

Longtime Fresno Bee reporter, columnist and editor Bill McEwen has a new job as news director for GVWire.com, a news website run by Fresno-based housing developer Granville Homes. After 37 years in the local news business, McEwen joined us on Valley Edition to talk about his role in this new venture, plus his thoughts on editorial independence, and how GVWire will cover news stories involving the Granville company. McEwen also shared his thoughts about the current controversy surrounding Fresno Unified School Board President Brooke Ashjian's anti-LGBT remarks, city hall politics and other issues. 


Note: Granville Homes, which publishes GVWire is also a corporate sponsor of Valley Public Radio.