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Yosemite National Park Reopens After 16-Day Government Shutdown

Joe Moore
Valley Public Radio
The government shutdown prevented an estimated 150,000 people from visiting Yosemite National Park this month.

Yosemite National Park reopened last night, and visitors are returning to the park today to snap photos and bask in the fall colors.

Park officials estimate that more than 150,000 people were blocked from visiting Yosemite during the 16-day government shutdown. That means lost entrance and campground fees, and concession sales, says spokesman Scott Gediman. 

“The loss of visitors has a huge ripple effect, from an economic perspective,” Gediman says. 

"The loss of visitors has a huge ripple effect, from an economic perspective" - Scott Gediman

Businesses outside Yosemite also suffered. Kirstie Kari, owner of El Portal Market, says she lost 90 percent of her customer base.

“I would guess October is a loss for all business owners in Mariposa County, and I would even venture to say all business owners in gateways to Yosemite,” Kari says.

All roads and campgrounds in the park have re-opened.

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