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Legislature Overwhelmingly Approves Prison Plan

California's State Capitol Building
Photo used under Creative Commons from Andy Patterson / Modern Relics

The California Legislature has overwhelmingly approved a deal between the Governor and leaders of the Senate and Assembly to reduce overcrowding in state prisons. California has been ordered by a federal three-judge-panel to either release or find additional space for more than nine thousand inmates by the end of December.

Under the deal, California will ask the panel for an extension on the December deadline. Any savings would be put toward programs to keep people out of jail.

Assembly Speaker John Perez believes there’s a good chance the court will modify its order  

"That modification will free up the necessary money within this allotment to make the investments in recidivism and other interventions that should be beneficial to us in the long term," says Perez.

The bill will now go to Governor Jerry Brown’s desk for his signature.

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