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Valley Baseball: Fresno Grizzlies And Bakersfield Blaze Lose Affiliation, Plan For The Future

Ezra David Romero
Valley Public Radio

It's been a busy month for baseball in Central California. Last week both the Fresno Grizzlies and the Bakersfield Blaze lost their affiliation with the Major League Baseball teams that provide them players.

That’s a story that would normally stay on the sports pages, but the moves have also raised questions about the future of the ball parks and the game itself in Central California. Joining fill-in host Ezra David Romero for conversation about the sport is Grizzlies Vice President Derek Franks,  Grizzlies Media Relations Coordinator Ryan Young and Marek Warsawski of the Fresno Bee about whether professional baseball can survive in Chukchansi Park, and whether taxpayers will be left holding the ball. Also talking baseball Bakersfield Sports Editor Zachary Ewing joins conversation about a similar situation with the Bakersfield Blaze

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