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Outdoorsy 10 - Mountain Biking, San Joaquin River Gorge

Oct 24, 2017

It’s been a while since the last Outdoorsy episode. A lot has happened. Kerry got married, put together a big series of health stories, and Ezra has some big news of his own.

This is his last episode with Outdoorsy. He’s leaving Valley Public Radio for an environment reporter job with Capital Public Radio in Sacramento. He says he’ll miss this area, but he’s psyched to explore the outdoors in places like Lake Tahoe. We’ll miss Ezra a lot, but we’re excited for him. And before he goes, we had to get him into the outdoors one more time for us.

In this episode we visit a place that we’ve actually been to before in another podcast about caves. But we explore it in a new way--new at least for us.

We’re going mountain biking!

We’ll take you out on the trail, help you figure out how to get started, and reveal some of the history behind one of the Fresno area’s most popular mountain biking areas.



  • Woodward Park - for information click here
  • San Joaquin River Gorge - for information click here