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On Iowa Caucus Day, Presidential Candidate Michael Bloomberg Campaigns In Fresno

Feb 3, 2020

On the same day as the Iowa Caucuses, presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg took a different tactic and instead, campaigned in the Golden State. The former New York City mayor told a modest crowd at Fresno City College  that he would do a better job than President Donald Trump representing the San Joaquin Valley’s prominent Latino community. 

“A president who demonizes immigrants from Mexico and Central America, it's just unacceptable,” said Bloomberg. “The Central Valley issues are Latino issues, and Latino issues are American issues.”

Bloomberg said he will prioritize gun safety, higher wages, and health insurance. However, PG Scruggs, a Modesto resident who drove an hour and a half to see him, said she was disappointed Bloomberg didn’t mention the state’s housing crisis. 

  “The homelessness, it's not just grubby old men, it’s families out there, young families with children,” said Scruggs. “That's not addressed and the issues are not taken care of.”

A year ago, Modesto set up a tent community for homeless folks to get shelter and services, but it closed in December. Scruggs says people need affordable housing.

PJ Scruggs, left, and Rosalind Honnes drove together from Modesto to see Micheal Bloomberg speak in Fresno Monday. While both say they support his policies, Scruggs noted that she would have liked to hear him discuss housing more.
Credit Laura Tsutsui / Valley Public Radio

  The rally in Fresno was Bloomberg’s second event in the state Monday.