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The Valley Votes – 2020 Elections Coverage

Monica Velez
Valley Public Radio

The Valley Votes – 2020 Elections Coverage

This year, Valley Public Radio is doing elections coverage differently. We’re asking listeners and residents, what do you want candidates to talk about? Are you concerned about healthcare, housing, or homelessness?

We put out a survey from July through October to find out. 

More than 150 residents throughout the San Joaquin Valley took the survey.
The most concerning issue for many is how the economy will recover from COVID-19. Others identified housing and homelessness in local communities as a major issue; others were most concerned for the environment. 

As we interview candidates and continue our election coverage, we’ll keep these responses in mind. 

You can keep up with our coverage on this page, or send questions about our process to Laura Tsutsui at ltsutsui@kvpr.org.