High-Speed Rail Funds Might Get Allocated Elsewhere; Farmers Wait For Reimbursements

Aug 2, 2019

This week, California lawmakers began honing in on a plan that would divert money away from high-speed rail, and instead fund transportation projects in major hubs like the Bay Area and Southern California. Los Angeles Times National Correspondent Ralph Vartabedian has been covering the bullet train’s development. He says this plan is a response to Governor Gavin Newsom’s announcement that high-speed rail will only cover the San Joaquin Valley. 


The change would be a blow to those hoping for a true high-speed rail. In the meantime, construction is still happening; you can see it along sections of Highway 99. But that work is cutting across farms, where some landowners are paying out of pocket to move their crops and irrigation systems. Vartabedian spent time talking to some farmers about how high speed rail is impacting the agriculture business.


Listen to the interview above to hear more from Vartabedian.