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Fresno's ParkScore Increases, But Not By Much

May 26, 2016

A new national ranking of American cities shows Fresno is no longer in last place when it comes to providing access to public green space. 

The City of Fresno moved up one spot from dead last to second to last in a ranking of the 100 largest US cities when it comes to public access to parks. Adrian Benepe is Senior Vice President with the group behind the ranking, The Trust For Public Land. 

BENEPE: "Fresno has improved slightly. It added a dog park. It added a couple playgrounds. It actually moved up in the rankings, it’s not just because someone came in that was worse.”

Benepe expects Fresno’s ParkScore to increase even more in coming years as the city plans for more parks.  

BENEPE: “It’s quite clear that Fresno wants to do better. Fresno is about to launch a Parks Master Plan and they’re bringing in one of the nation’s best planning firms. 

He says only three percent of Fresno is dedicated to parkland compared with  six percent of Bakersfield, ranking the South Valley town at 71 nationwide.