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Discussion: Fresno Police Use Data Analytics To Determine Threat Ranking

Jan 19, 2016

Over the past decade big data has transformed everything from software to sports and even political campaigns. Advanced analytical tools allow organizations to crunch massive piles of data to gain new insights into customers, their habits and more.

Now police agencies are jumping on the bandwagon, including here in Central California. The Fresno Police Department recently made national headlines in the Washington Post with its suite of data analytics, which is uses to gain insight into crime. In Fresno, a “real time crime center” brings together a network of video cameras, law enforcement databases and gunshot detection technology. In the future, social media mining software may also be a part of the package. This has raised concerns from some civil liberties groups, including the ACLU.

Fresno Police Sergeant Steve Castro runs the Real Time Crime Center and joined us on Valley Edition to talk about how the technology works in real life.