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Essential Workers In Fresno Can Apply To This Program For Childcare Vouchers



Some essential workers in Fresno can now get childcare vouchers through the city in collaboration with the Central Valley Children’s Service Network. 

The program will support about 190 kids. It is funded by the CARES Act and provides temporary vouchers for essential workers through Dec 31. Ofelia Gonzalez, director of community education at the Central Valley Children’s Service Network, said families will be chosen based on an essential workers priority list. 


“Healthcare workers, or anyone on the front lines, would be priority one,” Gonzalez said. “And then priority two would be anyone working in restaurants and the food industry.” Priority two includes farm workers. 


Families also have to reside in the city of Fresno to qualify. And unlike other childcare vouchers this one is not income-based, Gonzalez said.


“For this program, it’s only based on the essential worker priority and whether or not they reside in the city,” she said. Families who live in Fresno but use childcare services in a different area can also apply for the voucher. 

Program administrators are still working on the dollar amount for the voucher, Gonzalez said. The application is available in English and Spanish and can be found at cvcsn.org

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