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The Morales Family On Playing Mariachi Music Through The Pandemic

Youtube Screen Capture
Morales sisters Anaí and Xóchitl with their father Juan (who is off screen) released a seires of songs they've performed together on Youtube in a video entitled, "Working From Home."";

Last August, we introduced you to a Delano teen who had just released her own mariachi album and was preparing to attend Harvard University with her older sister. In mid-March, sisters Anaí and Xóchitl Morales returned home to Delano to finish their semester at Harvard online, due to COVID-19. Since being home, they’ve joined their father, Juan Morales, in moving music instruction for The Mariachi Studio online. 


In their time back together, the three released a series of songs on Youtube, called “Working From Home,


Listen to the audio postcard above to hear Anaí, Xóchitl, and Juan Morales speak about their lives during the pandemic, from teaching music online, to playing together again.

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