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Latest news, analysis and information from the 2024 presidential, state, and local elections by the KVPR newsroom and news partners.

It’s election season. Tell us what you want the candidates to know.

FRESNO, Calif. – The 2024 election is well underway across the nation, state and the San Joaquin Valley. As we turn our attention toward the November General Election, KVPR wants to hand the microphone to you – the listener – to hear what issues matter most and why participating in elections is or is not important to you.

Through a grant from the James B. McClatchy Foundation’s Central Valley Democracy Fund, the KVPR newsroom is in search of voices eager to shape the discourse around elections. Among the fund’s mission is an effort to “activate the free press during the 2024 election cycle.”

How will we do this? We have a survey available to gather your feedback. KVPR journalists will host in-person listening sessions in your community to hear directly from you. We will build two-way communication to respond to your questions and seek your opinion on important news shaping this election. We aim to capture critical voices across various groups and languages that reflect this region.

How do you participate? Fill out the survey below. We may follow up to learn more. Share this message and survey with your friends and neighbors. Invite us to visit your neighborhood. Send us a message at news@kvpr.org, and download the KVPR app which you can use to send us a voice memo.

Check out our past election reporting to catch up on what’s already happened. Here’s coverage of the March 5th Primary. Here’s our ongoing coverage with other news partners. Take the survey below to be part of explaining Election 2024 in the San Joaquin Valley.