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A string of dead bodies found in Reedley. Police are investigating

The City of Reedley welcome sign.
City of Reedley
The City of Reedley welcome sign.

This story was updated on Jan. 9 at 8:30 p.m.

Reedley police said late Tuesday they arrested a 17-year-old male on suspicion of four murders. Police also arrested the 17-year-old's mother, Brynn Curtis, 34, and Rafael Gonzalez, 21, in connection with the murders.

The investigation was "still active," as of Tuesday night.

Original story:

REEDLEY, Calif. — Police in the Fresno County city of Reedley are trying to piece together the suspected killings of four people found at two homes.

On Saturday police initially discovered two people dead at a home, located blocks away from the downtown area, but hours later found a third person dead on the property.

On Tuesday, police announced a fourth body had been discovered at a separate home in Reedley as officers served search warrants related to the investigation. It's believed to be related to a burglary, and authorities said on Saturday a gun safe was found emptied at the homes where the initial bodies were found.

Authorities have focused their investigation in Selma, Parlier and Reedley. In Selma and Parlier, vehicles that may be connected with the investigation were seized. In Reedley, three people were arrested at the home where the fourth body was found. Among those arrested was an adult man, woman and minor.

In their investigation, authorities are also searching for a missing man, 43-year-old Mathew Bonds. Two of the four dead were identified as Billy Bonds, 81, and Guadalupe Bonds, 44.

"The deaths of these four individuals is not directly linked at this time, but the evidence collected may provide valuable insight into the circumstances," a police press release stated.

Reedley police say the Bonds were "well-known members of the Reedley community." So far, it's unclear what the cause of death is, but the case is being treated as a homicide.

The SWAT teams from Fresno County Sheriff's Office and the Clovis Police Department were called in to help serve the search warrants.

Cresencio Rodriguez-Delgado is KVPR's News Director. Prior to joining the station's news department in 2022, he was a reporter for PBS NewsHour and The Fresno Bee.