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Valley Public Radio Launches New "Outdoorsy" Podcast


In Valley Public Radio’s new podcast “Outdoorsy” reporters Ezra David Romero and Kerry Klein take listeners to wild places in California and introduce you to the people that explore them.

Both reporters consider themselves to be pretty “Outdoorsy,” though they’re coming at this from two different backgrounds. Ezra Romero’s explored the Sierra Nevada his whole life. He grew up near Fresno and his love for the outdoors started in his childhood. Today he’s an avid hiker, camper and kayaker.

“My family and I would camp all summer and explore the Sierra Nevada,” says Romero. “Almost every outdoor memory of mine includes a hike and a lake. Central California is home to some of the best outdoor places to explore. So I thought let’s make a podcast about them.”

Kerry Klein’s a backpacker and camper, too, plus she's into rock climbing and bicycling. She’s new to this area, having grown up exploring the Berkshires and White Mountains in New England. The Sierra Nevada is totally different – in a great way – and Kerry’s been looking for places to go.

“When people talk about destinations in California, Central California gets lost between Los Angeles and the Bay Area,” Klein says. “I hope this series can highlight some of the fantastic places that are within a short drive of Fresno and Bakersfield and get people to go enjoy them.”

Despite the reporters separate experiences with the Sierra Nevada, they both found that a lot of Californians don’t know much about the outdoors beyond Yosemite Valley and the Giant Sequoias. And many people don’t even go to those places, either. So Valley Public Radio decided to make a podcast about the outdoors and the people who love them.

“It was a no brainer when I was approached with the idea,” says Joe Moore, Director of Program Content at KVPR. “We have some of the best outdoor places right in our back yard and not many people locally are reporting on them.”

We’ll throw in some tips and pointers along the way, like what gear to bring and what to eat. In our first episode, we take you to Sequoia National Park’s hidden gem, Mineral King. We’ll also get tips on how to start backpacking as well as where to eat pie in the woods!

Ezra David Romero, eromero@kvpr.org, Twitter: @ezraromero
Kerry Klein, kklein@kvpr.org, Twitter: @EineKleineKerry

Social Media
Twitter: @OutdoorsyPod
Instagram: @outdoorsypod


iTunes –  The podcast will be available soon on iTunes. It's currently waiting approval from Apple's people. When it's available search for Outdoorsy wherever you listen to podcasts and subscribe.  
Radio – The show will run on FM89’s weekly program Valley Edition.
Online http://kvpr.org/programs/outdoorsy


Each episode will air as completed. The hope is to have a bi-monthly program. 

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