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Henry Perea On Black Lives Matter, Rusty Fresno Water

Henry R. Perea - Facebook

Northeast Fresno's water problem - corroded residential pipes that have resulted in rusty water that in some cases contains lead - isn't just an issue for the residents involved, it's now the latest issue in the 2016 mayor's race. 

Last week on Valley Edition, councilmember and mayor candidate Lee Brand called his opponent Henry Perea a "political opportunist" for wading into the issue. This week Supervisor Perea joined us to talk about his views on the issue as well as on the use of force by law enforcement in Fresno and nationwide. 

In our interview Perea took Brand to task for not doing more to address the pipe issue earlier, while he applauded recent city efforts to expand residential notification on the issue. He also continued to voice his support for Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer, while at the same time saying he wants the city's next chief to be selected through a transparent community process. 

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