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Governor Brown Defends Prison Practices

Andrew Nixon
Capital Public Radio

California Governor Jerry Brown says reducing prison overcrowding continues to be a top priority. Brown talked with reporters Tuesday after speaking at the 25th Annual Crime Victims Right’s Rally at the state Capitol. Katie Orr reports from Sacramento.

A federal three-judge panel has given the Brown administration an additional two years to reduce prison overcrowding to court-mandated levels. The ruling was a victory for Brown who had factored the extra time into his proposed budget. But he says court intervention remains a burden.

BROWN: “Every day we struggle with how to manage the population restraints that have been imposed by the federal courts. But we’re on track. And that too has lead to some creative responses. Realignment, but also some new programming that has been financed by the legislature.” 

Brown has long maintained the state has done enough to reduce overcrowding. Critics say conditions in state prisons continue to deteriorate and pose health and safety hazards for inmates.  

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