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Congressional Reps. Urge Brown to Sign TRUST Act

Jerry Brown
Andrew Nixon
Capital Public Radio

Nearly 30 California congressional representatives have written to Governor Jerry Brown urging him to sign legislation that would reduce deportations of undocumented immigrants. Katie Orr reports from Sacramento.

The TRUST Act would limit when local law enforcement agencies could hold undocumented immigrants before turning them over to federal immigration officials for possible deportation. Members of California’s congressional delegation, including Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi, are urging Brown to sign the measure if it gets to his desk.

Brown vetoed a version of the bill last year because he said it would have prevented immigrants from being held in connection with some serious crimes. The current version gives local agencies more discretion over when to hold immigrants.

Democratic Assemblyman Tom Ammiano wrote the bill. He says this year’s version is not a slam dunk, but it has a good chance.

“Until we see that signature, I’m not going to be over-confident. But I will say we’re in much better shape than we were,” says Ammiano.

The bill must still make it through the Senate. A final vote is expected to happen later this month.

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