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Assembly Passes TRUST Act, Again

Andrew Nixon
Capital Public Radio

The California Assembly has passed a bill that limits when local law enforcement agencies can turn undocumented immigrants over to federal authorities. Katie Orr reports from Sacramento.

The TRUST Act says local police cannot turn undocumented immigrants over to Immigration and Customs Enforcement for minor crimes. Democratic Assemblyman Tom Ammiano says this will prevent immigrants from being deported for relatively minor infractions.

“California cannot afford to expend vital resources on the prolonged detention of people who pose no threat to public safety. We are all safer when we foster transparency and trust, not tear it down,” says Ammiano.

This is the second time the Assembly has passed this bill. The first version was vetoed by Governor Jerry Brown last year. Ammiano says he’s open to working with Brown on a compromise this time around.

Supporters of the bill say it will allow immigrants to call police without fear of being deported. Opponents say the TRUST Act is in conflict with federal law.

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