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Central Valley Gets Millions For Drought Relief

Ezra David Romero
Valley Public Radio

The Federal government is giving California’s Central Valley millions of dollars for drought relief. From Sacramento, Katie Orr reports on Friday's announcement. 

The US Bureau of Reclamation is allocating about $30 million for the Central Valley Project, a water project which stretches 400 miles and provides enough water for a third of California’s farm land. The money will go toward drought monitoring, pumping projects and water efficiency efforts, among other things.

Governor Jerry Brown acknowledges the money can’t stop the drought. But he says it will be helpful.

Brown: “The only person who can produce water is Mother Nature. OK, that’s it. So all we can do is facilitate and set in motion the best science we can, the best hydrological management we can and the best farming practices.”

Brown says managing California’s water supply is his top concern as he begins his fourth term in office.

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