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Work And College: Students Take On Both, But Research Says That's Putting Them Behind

Fresno State
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EdSource recently reported that students who work can get behind in their studies, but many students feel they have no choice. Fresno State recently opened a money management center to help students make smart financial choices.

College has become more expensive over the years, but students have managed by taking out loans or working in addition to their studies. Recent reporting from Larry Gordon at Edsource, an online media outlet that focuses on education in California, says that working too many hours can make it even harder for students to graduate on time. We caught up with Gordon to hear how students he spoke with in the Central Valley are balancing the demands of both work and school.

Listen to the interview above to hear how one local university is trying to help students gain financial literacy, and what students say might help them better navigate school, finances, and work.

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