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California Bill Would Immediately Begin New Academic Test Standards

Andrew Nixon
Capital Public Radio

A bill that would immediately start phasing in California’s new computer based standardized school achievement assessment has passed out of a key senate committee. The bill would allow most districts to opt-out of the old system.

The new Common Core academic standards will be in place this academic year. Assembly member Susan Bonilla authored the bill. She says it gives most districts a chance to evaluate students based on those standards now.

“This bill really clears the way for our classrooms to really focus upon the implementation of Common Core and then make this big transition to a new way of testing as well,” says Bonilla.

Supporters say Common Core puts more emphasis on critical thinking skills. California’s current Standardized Testing and Reporting, or “STAR” system is to be shelved.

The bill is set for a Senate floor vote this week. Then it’s back to the Assembly for concurrence. 

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