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Donald Munro Celebrates A Year Of Independent Arts Reporting On "The Munro Review"

The Munro Review
Donald Munro has reported on the arts scene in Fresno for 16 years, previously with the Fresno Bee and now on his own website.

Donald Munro is kind of a legend among arts lovers in Fresno. For 16 years, he covered theater, visual art, dance, classical music and more for the Fresno Bee.  Now, he’s keeping his arts reporting alive with a member-supported website called The Munro Review. It’s kind of like public radio: Anyone can access it, but he relies on donations from subscribers. He spoke with us about this project, and what shows we should look out for this Fall.

Listen to the interview above to hear him explain what’s changed lately with the arts scene in the San Joaquin Valley.

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