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Could Fresno's Ventura Avenue Transform Into a "Better Block?"


There’s a lot of talk in Fresno about revitalization of downtown. But residents in other parts of the city, including Southeast Fresno also are eager to see an injection of new life and revitalization.

Recently a coalition of organizations held an event that sought to show what a revitalized Ventura Avenue and Kings Canyon Road would look like. 

The organizations brought in trees and pop up patios to emulate a a new type of community around Ventura Street.

Their project created pop-up “parklets” and temporary crosswalks, landscaping and other amenities to demonstrate how small changes can make a streetscape more pedestrian friendly.

And in a neighborhood that is soon to be home to the city’s new Bus Rapid Transit line, making the Ventura/Kings Canyon corridor more livable is a top priority.

In this segment of Valley Edition Joe Moore speaks with Michal Sigala, an urban planner in Fresno. 

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