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Valley Edition Feb. 4: Drought, Hmong Youth And Religion, Thoughts On Trail Preservation


This week on Valley Edition we talk about the issues of drought, changing culture among Hmong youth, the health of public forests and more.

Leading the program, Moore speaks with Lois Henry of the Bakersfield Californian and Kerman farmer Paul Betancourt about the drought, farmers fallowing fields, well drilling and more.

Also in the program, Moore speaks with retired USC Medical School Professor Dr. Ken Murray about his recent piece for the online magazine Zocalo Public Square. He says the demise of traditional ranger naturalists means many trails are literally disappearing, cutting off access to one of our most treasured natural resources. He say groups like the High Sierra Volunteer Trail Crew can help.

Later, FM89 reporter Ezra David Romero along with a group of young Hmong-American high school students from the The kNOw Youth Media report on how religion and western culture impact them. Chonny Vang, one of the students, presents a commentary on how many Hmong girls feel pressure to be what she calls thick.

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