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flu deaths

Kerry Klein / Valley Public Radio

Wherever you live in the Valley, whether it’s Hanford or Tehachapi or Merced, we all have to contend with the flu season. It’s already claimed one life in Kern County.

Last year, the CDC estimates the flu killed 80,000 Americans. That puts influenza among the top 10 deadliest conditions in the U.S, along with cancers, heart disease and diabetes. But although there’s an easy way to reduce the risk of flu—the flu shot—around 60 percent of Americans elect not to get it.

Fresno County

Fresno County's Department of Public Health confirmed Tuesday two people have died from complications of flu infections. Both men, one in his 40’s and the other one in his 50’s, had medical conditions which put them at risk from the flu.

Joe Prado, the county’s community health manager, says the men were hospitalized in intensive care for five days before they died earlier this month due to influenza A.

“It’s concerning to our community when we lose two individuals but also it reminds us how deadly flu is.”