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Common Threads: Veterans Still Fighting The War

California’s San Joaquin Valley is home to more than just farms and fields. It's also home to many of the state's veterans. In the special series, funded in part by Cal Humanities, Valley Public Radio will document the lives of local veterans from diverse backgrounds and communities. The series of radio features will air during Valley Edition and will also be posted online at KVPR.org.

The series will look at how these veterans, with remarkably different backgrounds and experiences, all share fundamental commonalities through their service. It will also explore the challenges and opportunities these men and women face as they return home to the San Joaquin Valley to begin a new chapter in their lives. Through first-hand accounts and sound-rich storytelling, the series will also seek to gain new insights into the lives of veterans, the San Joaquin Valley’s rural and urban communities, and our regional diversity. 


This project was made possible with support from Cal Humanities, a non-profit partner of the National Endowment for the Humanities. Visit www.calhum.org. It is part of the War Comes Home initiative.