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No longer in production, Valley Writers Read showcases readings by local authors, both professionals and amateurs. Longtime Valley educator and author host Franz Weinschenk  hosted the show, which is still available through our web archive.

This week on Valley Writers Read, Howard Hendrix brings us a science fiction story, "A Bridge Across the Lethe". The story is about a character who is cured from a concussion through the miracles of modern medicine.

This week, on Valley Writers Read, Janet Nichols Lynch brings us a story called "The Favorite", about a man named Ronnie who abandons his family after receiving an inheritance. 

There are three stories by Howell Hurst on this week's edition of Valley Writers Read. The first story, "I Can't Hear the Drums Anymore" is about a son's blocked love for his mother. "Beating Towards Monterey" is about a man's failed love for his wife. And the third story, "The Fog", is about a couple who had been football players in college.

There are two stories on this edition of Valley Writers Read. Our first story, by Marilyn Larson, is entitled "Getting Out" and it is about a woman named Marta, who's been dating a guy with a secret named Ben. Deborah Hamilton's story, "Section B, Page 5", is about a recluse who finds joy reading the obituary column.

Nelson Varon's "Fixing Things" on Valley Writers Read

Jul 20, 2011

Today on Valley Writers Read, Nelson Varon brings us a story called, "Fixing Things", about a writer who secures a book deal only to lose it when he loses his cool with his boss.

Barbara Link's "Leaving" on Valley Writers Read

Jul 13, 2011

On this edition of Valley Writers Read, Barbara Link brings us a story called, "Leaving" about a woman named Mary Agnes Lone Hill who lives with her grandmother on the Crow Indian Reservation in Montana. When she is relocated to an Indian school in Nebraska, she has a hard time embracing the native culture.

Jean Ray Laury - Growing Up In Doon

Apr 13, 2011

Jean Ray Laury was one of Central California's most accomplished and acclaimed artists. She helped to revolutionize the world of quilting, taking it from the world of traditional arts and crafts and into the world of modern art. She died in March 2011, but shortly before her passing, she visited Valley Public Radio to record her story about life growing up in a small town in Iowa, Growing Up In Doon.

We have another aviation-themed story on this edition of Valley Writers Read. In "Targets of Opportunity," retired Fresno State English professor Eugene Zumwalt tells about the 27 combat missions he flew in a P-38 fighter plane during World War II.

 This week on Valley Writers Read we hear a story by Terry Phillips,  “Cortini’s Quandry" and one by John Gruberg titled, "Number 1 Woman."

This week on Valley Writers Read, we have three boyhood memoirs by Eugene Zumwalt.

"Thistledown" recalls two boys canoeing on the Willamette River in Oregon.

"Oh, Ross" is what the author's mom used to tell his brother when he did silly things, and "Floating Power" is about the family's 1934 Plymouth sedan.