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"The Oklahoma Boys" and "Bynum" on Valley Writers Read


There are two fast-paced short stories on this edition of Valley Writers Read.

Don Moody's "The Oklahoma Boys" is about two young men who build their own bi-plane and share in some adventures together.

Wayne Damron's "Bynum" is about a grandfather who has to overcome an encounter with a rattlesnake to retrieve his watch that was dropped under the porch.

Franz Weinschenk, his parents and his older brother Fritz were indeed lucky to get out of Germany just before World War II. For a while they lived in Brooklyn, N.Y., before moving to Madera, CA. He graduated from Madera High and Fresno State. From 1948 to 1952 he taught at Edison High School in Fresno after which he was drafted and served in the US Army for two years.