Young Artists Spotlight 2021: Stockdale H.S. Theatre’s Mirror Mirror on the Radio

Apr 29, 2021

This season of Young Artists Spotlight is all about trying new things. All new kinds of ways of putting on performances, overcoming hurdles, and working through constraints. And in the spirit of trying new things, in this episode of Young Artists Spotlight, we step outside of our tradition of musical performance, to hear an innovative and original high school production from the Theatre Department at Stockdale High School. In the Fall of 2020, collaborating virtually, they explored the realm of radio drama and wrote their own radio teleplay - Mirror Mirror on the Radio. We speak with Drama Teacher Guinevere Park-Hall and some of her drama students, and we’ll hear their production in its entirety.


Support for Young Artists Spotlight comes from the Bonner Family Foundation and the California Arts Council's Arts in Public Media grant.