‘A Very Helpless Feeling’ – Why One Clovis Woman Hasn’t Left Her House Since March

Aug 14, 2020

A global pandemic like COVID-19 can be risky for anyone, but the risk level is on a totally different scale for Rachael Goldring Bell of Clovis. Born with congenital heart disease, she was later diagnosed with pulmonary hypertension and an immune disorder, all of which increase her risk of a severe bout of COVID-19.

Goldring Bell suffers from congenital heart disease, in which the heart didn't form properly, pulmonary hypertension, in which blood can't flow freely through the lungs, and common variable immune disorder, which hampers the body;s ability to fight off infection.

Ever since a trip to Southern California in early March, the 27-year-old psychology student hasn’t left her house for fear of contracting the virus. Here's an audio postcard of her experience sheltering in place with her husband, her parents, two cats and two dogs.